Seeking Solutions from Sustainable Energy Sources to Power Up Recreational Facilities


The Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) is the entity responsible for managing the urban planning and transport sectors in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates (UAE) through three regional municipalities. It ensures the highest standards of safety, security, sustainability and technological developments of land, air, and maritime transport networks of the Emirate, in accordance with the UAE legislation. DMT develops and operates the city’s public recreational facilities such as parks, playgrounds and beaches. 

As part of its continued sustainability drive, the DMT is seeking innovative solutions from renewable and sustainable energy sources to supply electric power to these public facilities. The proposed solutions must integrate with the Smart Grid of the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC), and aesthetics of the natural environment. 


The proposed solution should achieve the functional objectives and integrate with the design of the recreational facilities. The solution may use energy harvesting technology such as but not limited to mechanical, solar, wind, or any combinations of these. It must not pose any danger to the users of these facilities. Note that solutions deployed at the beaches need to take into consideration the corrosive nature of sea salt, seasonal sea fog and seawater. 

Selected proposal will be test-bedded at a selected park or beach and potentially be deployed across other recreational facilities managed by the DMT.

Development Timeframe

A three phase approach will be adopted for this challenge:

•    Phase 1: Development of potential solution(s)
•    Phase 2: Selection of the most favourable solution based on a financial feasibility study
•    Phase 3: Prototype + Test-bed within a year at an Abu Dhabi city street


Abu Dhabi – Singapore Smart Cities Open Innovation Challenge



Proposal submissions are open from 6 May 2021 12:00PM to 29 Jul 2021 04:00PM